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"Your service and customer care is unmatched anywhere.  I will certainly be using your services again and I hope to tell everyone I know about the integrity of your work."

- Ray McKinzie

"I was so impressed with the professional and warm care I got at your shop.  I highly recommend your services to anyone.  I cannot believe the difference it has created for me also.  Please keep up the great work!"

- Loana Hernandez

"Having my windows tinted by your company was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had for very long time.  Your staff is knowledgeable, professional and I was specially impressed with the way they took such care of my personal property.  Well done!"

- Angela Hartley

"I would like to thank you for the great job you did on my home.  I now can leave my blinds open all day and let the light in without distorting the beautiful view of the mountains.  I particularly love the incredible savings I am seeing on my electric bill due to the way my cool air is not escaping out to the heat of the summer.  Thumbs up guys and please feel free to call on me for referrals."

- Mike Mengan

"Coming from a very old-school background myself I appreciate honesty, loyalty and integrity.  And you and your team have that and more.  I am so happy I met you and I am proud to do business with your company.  As the regional consultant for First American Title Company, I recommend you to all my clients as well as family and friends.  Your sense of professionalism and superb service is unmatched by any other company in your field.  Bless you all."

- Fred McCubbin


There are several benefits to window tinting. First, it prevents harmful light from entering your home, office building or vehicle. Ultraviolet light can damage furniture and upholstery, not to mention your skin! Over exposure to UV light is directly linked with many types of skin cancer. Second, good window tinting help keep heat from penetrating your car, home and office. This helps keep areas cool, reducing the load on air conditioners. Finally window tinting gives you privacy, depending on the use of dark films or one-way mirror films, certain window tinting can prevent others from seeing  inside your commercial building, home or car.

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